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ALEXANDRIA (FIBA Basketball World Cup) - In a rematch of the AfroBasket 2013 Final, African champions Angola beat Egypt 72-59, but it was the host club Ettihad that took the top honours at the tournament held in Alexandria, Egypt.

The event marked the 100th anniversary of local club Ettihad and served as a warm-up for both Angola and Egypt, two of the three teams - Senegal being the other one - that sealed the places on offer for African teams for the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup.

Ettihad beat Angola 73-72 in overtime to win the trophy, with the African champions finishing second, and Egypt claiming third place in a tournament that also included national teams fromTunisia, Kuwait and Jordan.

For Egypt head coach Amr Aboul Kheir, the warm-up event helped his team keep up on an international competition level, event though he claims the team could not count with the services of foreign-based players.

"It was a good tournament," Aboul Kheir said to FIBA.com, adding that three Etthiad players might be included in his World Cup plans.

The Alexandria games were nothing like what Egypt will face when they take on their Group Aopponents Spain, Brazil, France, Iran and Serbia, though Aboul Kheir described it as "positive experience, despite losing to Angola".

As for the Angolans, Reggie Moore, Valdelicio Joaquim and Hermenegildo Santos were the only players from last summer's team to feature for the 11-time African champions in the Egyptian city.

Moore and Joaquim led the Angolans in scoring with 21 points apiece per game.

At Spain 2014, the Angolans will play their Group Phase in Gran Canaria's Group D along withLithuania, Slovenia, Australia, Mexico and Korea.


EGY - Angola survive AfroBasket rematch
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